Even if you are using a professionally created pre-designed template for  your presentation, you should avoid common mistakes and make sure your chosen template perfectly fits your desired goals.

4 Tips for Choosing Right PowerPoint Template

In the corporate world today, there is hardly any department that does not use presentations in their meetings. In fact, the concept of presentations has become so widely accepted that even small scale units or medium sized companies prefer to put things down on a PowerPoint when presenting to the clients or prospects.

There are different types of presentations that are prepared nowadays. There are sales plans and then there are periodic reports that are also done on PowerPoint. The features of PowerPoint also allow the creative geniuses to play out an animated story for the audience.

If you have ever attended any workshop or a conference, then you will realize that most of the presentations are done using PowerPoint. If you do not have a corporate template created by your management for making presentations then you may have to select best business powerpoint templates available online.

Benefits of Using Predesigned PowerPoint Template

Business powerpoint templates have several advantages to them. Some of them can be listed down as follows:

  • They are designed by a creative specialist. This means you don’t need to hire another designer to design your presentation.
  • They are easy to edit. This means you can prepare the presentation the way you want it and do not have to conform to somebody else’s choice.
  • There are multiple designs available. So, you can pick and choose the design that works best for you.
  • There are free and paid templates available. If you need simple business powerpoint template then you can get it for free. You don’t have to pay anything for the template. However, if you opt for a more creative version then you need to pay some minimal cost.
  • Templates save time. You don’t have to wait for hours for your designer to come up with multiple design options out of which you pick the one you like. You can just download the design that you like and start creating the presentation. It can save you a lot of time.
  • Templates give your presentation a very professional look. This can help make a good impression and even win business deals.
  • The templates if needed can be easily converted into any other file type if needed. So, it does not limit you to only using PowerPoint.

With so many benefits, it certainly makes sense for a person to opt for predesigned great business PowerPoint templates for any kind of presentation. However, there are certain rules that should be followed when you choose a template. Here are some tips that can guide you when making the decision.

Understand the Objective

When you are going to conduct the presentation, then you would be very clear about the objective of it. However, if you are putting together a presentation for somebody else, then try to understand what the objective of it is.

You may be putting together a presentation for potential investors who are trying to understand your company’s standing in the market. A presentation may be meant for annual general meeting or for a press conference where a new product is going to be announced or launched. Or you may be creating a presentation to showcase the progress your team or department has done over the past 1 month. In all these cases, the type of design you choose would be different.

For presenting your business’ market position, you may want to use a design that presents your brand as a strong and steady entity. For monthly report, you may want to use a design that talks about your cultural values.

Understand the Audience

Once you are clear about the objective, the next you need to do is understand the type of audience. If your audience is a young crowd then you can choose a design that has a lot of vibrant colours and can even use caricatures. However, if your audience is middle aged crowd or professionals, then you ought to pick a design that is subtle and look professional. You may experiment with the colours but not with the overall look and feel of the design.

Understand the Presentation Style

Different people have different styles of presenting an idea. Your presentation should be aligned to this style. So, if you are going to have a stage and you are going to move around a lot then it would be hard for you audience to focus on you as well as on the presentation. So, you should use a template that has a very subtle form of design and is not at all busy. But if your presentation is going to be online over web conferencing platforms, then your audience would not be able to see you. The only thing they would see is the PowerPoint slides. So, in this case you can use modern business PowerPoint templates to assist with making an impression.

If the presenter is going to tell a story during the presentation, then use a design that would make animations look good.

Brand Representation

You are a representation of your brand and everything that you do is going to be associated with it. So, ensure that your ppt business template does justice to your brand. If you want your brand to come across as stable and steady then you may want to use a design that is simple yet elegant. However, if you want to come across as a youthful brand that is full of energy then you can select a design that has vibrant colours and uses multiple elements. Ensure that the font typeface used in the design is also aligned to your brand image. If you are a banking company then you don’t want to use a Comic San font. Similarly, a design studio would not use Ariel as a preferred font type.


We all feel that great presentations are made by great leaders who know how to command the audience. However, the type of PowerPoint template used to prepare their presentation also contributes to their success.